Regulations and maintenance, what you should know before buying a septic system

Regulations and maintenance, what you should know before buying a septic system

Posted on 14 dec 2021 by Lise Helluy

Are there any regulations to consider before investing in a sewage system?

This is not the most fun part, but it is the one that can cost you the most if you put it aside... So be very careful, even if only in this part.

When planning your septic system, you'll need to consider the proximity of your tank and irrigation area to neighboring properties. To help you, here are the measurements you need to respect: 

BIOROCK installation in a private home1) Measurements: 

- 12 m upstream or 6 m downstream of other properties

- 15 m from the house, outdoor play areas, and barbecue

- 50 m minimum from a water well (250 m if used as a water source)

- 100 m from waterways

If you plan to discharge your wastewater into a river, it must comply with the rules established in the country where the house is located. Want to reuse wastewater for irrigation purposes? Learn more in our FAQ. 


2) Discharging water: 

In some countries, such as New Zealand, it is strictly forbidden to discharge into a waterway. In the United Kingdom, discharge into the reservoir or a natural environment is subject to authorization.

In all cases, it is best to check with your local authorities to find out what the regulatory requirements are and to be sure that your installation is compliant. 

If you live in France, go to your town hall or on the Internet to find the contact details of the SPANC in charge of your plot. For more details on the steps to take in France, you can follow this link.

Do not forget that each country has its own rules regarding wastewater treatment. Don't start any work and don't discharge any effluent before you have all the necessary authorizations. If you respect that, everything will go well. 

How to avoid breakdowns and manage maintenance?

Do you want your installation to last over time and have as little maintenance as possible? So do we, so here are our tips:

BIOROCK mascot1) Maintenance:

Most of the wastewater treatment systems for domestic use require very regular interventions of sludge emptying. Not with the BIOROCK systems! The intervals of draining will be more spaced. However, we encourage you, for your comfort and the long-term efficiency of the system, to have your device serviced by a professional and to proceed to the emptying once a year.

2) Avoiding breakdowns:

Let's not beat about the bush: some products are clearly to be avoided. Do you use products containing bleach for your cleaning? Why bother? Some alternatives are just as effective, without danger to your installation and the planet. Fantastic, right? 

Learn more about these alternatives here: What types of households can be used with our BIOROCK system? 

Want to make your dream come true and build an ecological hotel/lodge, or simply live in the middle of nature? Wouldn't it be a shame to spoil that dream with foul odors, untimely breakdowns, or a fine for non-compliance? Before you invest, get as much advice as you can and consider which option will work best for your property.

If you take these tips into account, then everything should go smoothly! In any case, our experts are here to help you with your project. Contact them directly HERE or by email: info@biorock.com 

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