Overcoming Local Geographies to Deploy an Effective Wastewater Treatment Solution in China

Overcoming Local Geographies to Deploy an Effective Wastewater Treatment Solution in China

Our Client

Zhangjiagang City is a historic port city of some 1.2m people, close to the Yangtze River and China’s east coast, and part of the Jiangyin-Zhangjiagang-Jinjiang metropolitan area with 3.5m inhabitants. Although the urban areas are well developed, rural locations close to the city are less well-served by suitable water treatment facilities. An issue that the local government was keen to address.

The Challenge

Solving the problem was more complex in this location than it might have been elsewhere in the region. The region has several lakes and rivers, and the groundwater sits at a very high level, often less than a meter below the surface. This means that it seeps out whenever there are many excavations. Installing a standard wastewater treatment solution was not going to be feasible. Combined with the need to locate pipes 4m above ground, this was inevitably going to be a complex project.

The Solution

We were able to address both the installation complexities with the installation of 25 ECOROCK-1000 and -1500 units combined with either existing septic tanks, or septic tanks configured by the users and owners. These two models don’t require external power making them ideal for this application. Our local partners provided the contractors working on the project with three training sessions, ensuring they understood how to install and manage each ECOROCK unit.

The Results

This project has been successful, and the local government has been impressed with the solution we recommended, which meets their requirements for effective rural sewage treatment. While the raw water fluctuates greatly, the quality of the effluent was very stable:

  • CODcr<60mg/L
  • NH3-N<5mg/L
  • SS<20mg/L
  • TN<30mg/L

The local government has already ordered further BIOROCK units for other installations in challenging rural locations across the region.


The Pictures

Zhangjiagang City wastewater treatment plantinstall BIOROCK tank in Zhangjiagang City