Treating wastewater from a restaurant in Mallorca with the MULTIROCK system

Treating wastewater from a restaurant in Mallorca with the MULTIROCK system

The structure and environmental context:

In order to design the appropriate wastewater treatment plant, the capacity of the facilities was considered first of all. The restaurant - Concert hall has a capacity for more than 1,000 people and an average staff of more than 150 employees and artists. The restaurant called Son Amar is a spacious and elegant 16th-century manor house that offers dance and music dinner shows and also organizes private events. It’s located about 20 minutes by car from the city of Palma.

The challenge:

On the other hand, the owners of the restaurant were looking for a solution that was ecological and sustainable, in tune with their way of managing all the waste generated by the activity.

The solution: 

The chosen wastewater treatment system was BIOROCK. BIOROCK works without electricity and uses a natural, inorganic filter material that is highly stable and resistant to degradation, which tolerates variable load conditions without altering its efficiency. The results of the purification are exceptional and allow the resulting water to be reused for surface irrigation of the gardens.

The results:

The complete treatment plant installed consists of 1x Primary Tank of 130 m3 and 9x BIOROCK Bioreactors ECOROCK-5000 installed in parallel, it also includes 1x flow control and 1x distribution system that distribute the water coming from the primary tank evenly among the 9 bioreactors. The water resulting from the purification is collected and stored to be used to irrigate the property's gardens.

Pictures taken on the site: